Never again will i purchase sansa fuze!!!

Are u Kidding me???My fuzed has the white screen of death and I cant seem to talk to anyone other than tech support in new delhi  India (was a gift for christmas and they want a receipt) Never again will I buy or endorse another sansa product!


If you came here looking for help this is not the way to get it!

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derek wrote: 
… and I cant seem to talk to anyone other than tech support in new delhi  India …

The same is true of MANY other companies (especially electronics and tech services [telephone, internet, etc.]). It’s not some evil plot by Sandisk.

I AM PAST the point of looking for help. i have owned many sansa products in the past…i checked all the forums for the fix for my issue…reformat player,update firmware etc etc…But because I dont have a recipt for a gift that was given to me in dec…Now I cant get a brand new device fixed? That is insane…warranty states 1 year…Can you help?

I’ve owned several iriver players,3 sansa fuze,creative zen vision m player as well as ipod…best allround player with excellent video capabilities as well as oustanding sound…creative zen vision wins hands down!!

The Fuze is only just now approaching one year in age since debut.  The key to success is to explain your situation to them, and be polite.  If they are going to give you the benefit of the doubt, it’s important to be civil.

Bob  :wink:

i totally agree bob…civility is the key…I feel like I’m getting nowhere though…they keep passing me along…the latest guy said he would call me back in 2 hrs…why does he need to call me back in 2 hrs? see what I’m talking about?

That may be a good sign, as we all have our individual masters we must please.  He may need permission to escalate the issue.  You didn’t get a solid “no!”

My experience with the folks at Support has been nothing short of excellent, they’re a great crew.  If they could put up with the Bobster, they’re up to the task.  And I’ve dealt with many individual companies over the years.

Let me add that there’s simply no substitute for registering your device with SanDisk via the logo above this page, in the upper left.  It will take you over to “the Red side”, the corporate portal, then click on Support > Register.  They can even send you special offers to feed that Sansa’s appetite for media.

I would like µSD HC cards with the Extreme logos on them. I just like to say that word, extreme.  And the red.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Thanks Bob…they just called back and gave me an rma number to send back the product. I feel much better now. Thanks. My rant is over…

SanDisk , the Extreme!


Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

@neutron_bob wrote:

SanDisk , the Extreme!




Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

A 32GB microsdhc card in my 4GB Fuze would be pretty extreme…I bet it would be “extreme”-ly expensive though:stuck_out_tongue:

Among my hobbies, I love photography, medium format, someday I’ll go all the way to 4 x 5 with a view camera.  I have the monster Omega D5XL for that.  Yet being able to work in digital is nice, especially for candids and all.

The accessory of choice for serious digital is the Hasselblad digital back.  Files are gihugic (my daughters’ term), written also in Adobe pdf format, direct from the camera.  I’ll be using the big SanDisk cards, no doubt.  Nice stuff.

Kind of a nice partner with a Sansa for my ears, and the Extreme for the eyes.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: