Some problems may be caused by software operating system settings or other system problems. Windows and Mac operating systems both offer an environment troubleshooting known as Safe Mode. Disable secure mode applications and non-critical processes, which in theory makes it easier to isolate problems.

Most Windows computers let you get into Safe Mode by pressing the F8 key when the computer is starting. On a Mac, go into safe mode by pressing the Shift key while the computer boots (or immediately after a reboot).

Once your computer is in safe mode, start the software problem and try to replicate the problem I had, while the team was in normal mode. If you do not have the same problem in safe mode, there is a good chance that the problem to your operating system or another program should not by the application that is being solved.

  1. Defragment the hard drive.

As a final step troubleshooting, you may defragment the hard drive of your computer. Defragmentation reorganizes the file structure of your hard drive so that the system works more efficiently drive. Defragmenting will probably be more useful if you are experiencing general slowness in the team, and that defragmentation is meant to do all your system run faster. Note that defragmenting a hard drive mainly applies to Windows-based computers.

The most recent editions of Windows - including XP, Vista and Windows 7 - includes an integrated disk defragmentation tool. To start, go to Start> All Programs> Accessories> System Tools> Disk Defragmenter. Note that defragmenting a hard drive can be time consuming, so be sure to perform this task when you will be away from your computer for a few hours.


If the tips above have not solved the software problem, it may be time to call technical support. At least you will be able to help you locate the problem by describing the steps it has already taken on their own.

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