NetLibrary used to work and doesn't anymore

Hi everyone,

Up until I updated the firmware to the 2.0 version I have been able to play NetLibrary files on my Sansa Fuze 4gb. Since I’ve updated the firmware I haven’t been able to no matter how many times I format it the player or change the mode from MSC to MTP.

Is anyone else having this problem? Do you have a solution?

FYI when I updated the firmware I did the ver 1 and then the ver 2 like is listed in the update instructios on this board. I would be willing to rollback to the old firmware if someoen could walk me through it. I would need really good insturctions though cause this is my first fuze player.



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  1. You must use MTP mode for Netlibrary files to work
  2. You must sync the content using WMP11.

I suggest to reformat your device using the Settings>System Settings>Format command.

Then connect to WMP11 and transfer your netlibrary content using Sync.

I tried that and it didn’t work. The file transfers and when I plug in the fuze to the computer it says that the right file size is in the player but when I go to play it says it’s 00:00 long.

If your file has been hanging around longer than 2 weeks, the license has expired.

Try playing it on your computer first using WMP.

If is doesnt, then download it again or at least refresh the licenses from Netlibrary.

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Additionally, when you move a netlibrary *.wma to your player, you have to get the “checkout” license (through WMP).  When you do that, netlibrary associates that specific  *.wma to the computer you used to transfer it.  (I got this from a query to the netlib folks).

Meaning that you can’t move it to the Fuze on computer A, then copy the file to computer B and listen to it there; but you can still listen to it on the Fuze or computer A.

Once the “checkout” expires, you can then renew the checkout of that same file on computer B; which will then associate it to computer B, and you won’t be able to play it on computer A.