Need to convert fixed disk pendrive into flash disk (removable) pendrive


I bought a 4G Sandisk pendrive, but when I plug it on my laptop or any other PC, it show me in Hard disk section. I learnt that Sandisk have manufactured this pendrive as fixed disk to have compatibility with Windows 8 certification.

But I want to convert this pendrive into a protocol licence (from Triangle Microworks), and for that I need to have this pendrive in flash mode (removable disk drive), as TMW - test harness is unable to read USB drive on fixed mode.

Kindly suggest if it is possible, and how to proceed ?

SanDisk has recently reversed their decision on configuring drives as fixed disk and are back to removable.  Per support “all sandisk drives are being moved back to the removable disk configuration”.

Unfortunately SanDisk does not provide a utility to change this on your own.  There may be some out there you can search for but they are model specific and can take a while to hunt down.  For this size drive I’d save yourself hours of searching and just replace it.

Correct. There are actually tons of freeware online. Just do a simple search and you’ll get plenty of results.

This is my bigest problum because i am not able to create pendrive as a bootable disk…so plz reply, if any one solve my problum.

No need to convert.  Try using one of these approaches.—how-to-fix-write-protected-disks

Hello, I managed to convert my Sandisk Extreme, and I believe that this program will go do it with any USB stick,
just run the USB_Part_Flip in administrator mode and mark the permission box, select the drive of your flash drive and click GO.
To return as non removable simply leave the box unchecked and click GO.

Follow the link.

Unfortunately UFD_PART_FLIP did not work with me , still SanDisk drive shown as fixed disk(local disk) and even UFD Format find it as a fixed disk and refuses to format.

i don’t know it should be a simple program which can do this task easily.

if some body can help please.