Need stronger pins in Imagemate card readers

In the last twelve months I have purchased four of the new San Disk ImageMate All-in-One USB 3.0 Readers. (I photograph events, capturing thousands of images in one day and need to be able to download multiple cards simultaneously.)

In the first pair that I bought, one arrived with a pin already bent. It was replaced immediately, no questions asked.

A second one (I don’t know if I bought this one this year or last) had a bent card this weekend.

I was able to straighten the pin back with an exacto blade, but who knows how long it will stay in place.

I’ve not encountered bent pins in the past and I’ve owned all sorta of readers (Calumet, LaCie, Lexar and San Disk).

I’m posting to say that maybe the pins in these new readers are wee bit too flexible/small/loose and maybe stronger pins need to be used? Please have your engineers look into the problem.

Otherwise, I love the fast readers!


:smiley:   Hi Mstapleton,

Dear member of SanDisk Community, welcome.

I commend him, for his generosity, to transmit their knowledge and experience.

This is very important because it is a flaw in the “quality control” and you’ve discovered and put in evidence, of manner very attentive.

Please, like this is the Forum Users , and for that Engineers of SanDisk can take note, of its very important observation, I request if you can, direct your message to SanDisk Technical Support:

Regards, Alfred.                                                                             (Google translated)