Need Speakers for Fuze-What size is the jack?

I am looking for some inexpensive speakers.  Am considering Symphony Portable Mini-Speakers for iPod - they say they work in any player that has a 3.5mm jack.

Will these work with the Fuze?  I am just listening for work - so I don’t need anything fancy.

Thats perfect.

Thanks Sansa Guru! I read on a forum that if you plug into anything “ipod” it can fry your Fuze.  That didn’t sound quite right to me.  My thinking is that if a 3.5mm jack works with a Fuze the iSymphony would work.  I appreciate your expertise.

A 3.5mm headphone jack is standard–with iPods and just about every other player.

The plug that will fry the Sansa is the special proprietary charging/data plug, which looks similar to the iPod’s connector and can actually be forced into the Sansa jack, where its power connection will zap  the Sansa.

But you were right to ask. Better safe than sorry.