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I have MP3Tag in my computer but whenever i try to get information from the Amazon server it say’s Error!Cannot connect.So I thought Firewall might be blocking the application,so I went and added an exception for MP3Tag.AND IT WORKED FINE FROM THEN ON!And now My PC is broken(Something wrong with the VGA)I had to revert back to my Pre-Historic Laptop.Which has Windows XP SP1.And in it MP3Tag say’s cannot connect,just like on my other PC.I tried to find the firewall setting’s but all I can find is Enable or Disable Firewall but cannot find the Setting’s for Application’s.Can someone tell me where I can find the setting’s in Windows XP SP1?Any help would be appreciated.

And also I rip my CD’s using WMP.And before ripping I lookup the info in WMP and apply TAG’S.And then I drag and drop them to the Sansa Fuze.And to my AMAZEMENT the album art is PERFECT.It even show’s it in the small Square when in album list.What is the Tagging format that WMP uses to tag these file’s?

Any help is highly appreciated.



WiMP11 is using ID3v2.3 ISO 8859-1 (Latin-1), at least this is what I see from album rips on my machine.

For your older laptop, go to Windows Update to download the latest service packs.  You don’t have to run without the latest ones, and it is safer if that machine accesses the Internet.

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I use AudioShell from Softpointer. It works in Properties so you can create and edit ID3 tags, including pre-existing ones made by another system; in my case, YouTube Audio Capture. I tried to work with MP3Tag but it’s all  geek to me. I really only use 3 variables, Artist, Album and Genre. I name the Album so that I can put, like, from 80 to 620 mp3’s per album and use two very generic genres. mixed and other, so that I can sync across albums. This lets Media Monkey key on one or the other or/and on Artist. I do include year but I don’t think the Connect supports that variable but MM does and I want that parameter for informational value. About the only thing I don’t use is Track# since I Shuffle. Size, duration and bitrate. 64kbps for spoken and 128 for most music are fine, seem to be pretty much a given when the tag is first made.

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And your question is?

I should have put this in yesterday AdioShell

Works in Properties

This thing is sick, sick, sick:

To edit a whole folder’s worth of ID3 tags, go into the folder then Edit/Select All/Properties/tag edit then chec the box nest to the attribute(s) you want to name or have show up, and that input box will go live, Album will have the folder name, put in what you want (I just did Album and Genre), then OK and all the files in that folder will be tagged accordingly. I just saved myself 4 days of work

Here’s the one I use to set my mp3’s to approximately the same volume

MP3Gain Volume

Not as uniform as I’d like it but as freeware it should suffice. It brings them to within about +/- 1.5 db  Can be used on a whole album all at once

We really ought to have a single place for this kind of auxiliary software

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