Need some help choosing a new Media Player.


Since my SanDisk Sansa Fuze died some days back I have decided to buy a new Media Player.Can someone help me with this PLEASE!?I have a SanDisk 8Gig Micro SDHC too so I don’t wanna let that go to waste.Hence I am planning to buy a media Player with Micro SDHC compatibility.I looked around some brands but didn’t quite find what I needed.Most probably I’ll go for another Fuze cause I adore it and it has SDHC compatibility with no trouble.Please guys suggest me some media players that ROCK just like the Sansa Fuze. :slight_smile:



Good question…just a bad venue to air it.  You are going to get nothing but Sansa supporters here.  Try going to some non-brand specific places like ABI (anythingbutipod) to get an unbiased opinion.

I’ve had the pleasure of owning a wide variety of players; and depending on what you want in a player, there are some great units out there.

Good luck!

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An unbiased opinion is one that takes into account all sides without allowing preconceived ideas override any of the facts.  So it’s an opinion or view based on facts and doesn’t lean one way or the other because of what a person may have thought about the topic before.  So an unbiased opinion isn’t an oxymoron.


You can get an adapter cheap for the microsdhc card, so it’ll fit into larger card slots.

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A person can say that a specific player is the best one of all the brands out there, say a Philips GoGear.  And only list all the good features that it has, but not the cons, because of brand loyalty.   While it may be an honest opinion, it is biased.

Another person can think that another model (Creative Zen) is the best, and will list all the pros and cons of that player compared to the GoGear’s pros and cons.  This would be an unbiased opinion since all, or as many as possible, of the facts are considered.  This person does not consider it better just because it is a Creative brand player.

Getting back to the topic of this thread, yes, ABI will have a wider range of opinions than what may be posted just here on the Sandisk forum.

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