need some basic info on syncing

If I sync through media player, then go back and delete music from my media player library, then sync again, will it delete those songs from the MP3 too?  If not, does that mean I have to delete from media player and then go do it all over on the sansa, or is there some other way to only have to do it once?


as long as you are doing manual sync what ever you put on the player will stay on the player until you delete it.

FYI: i would not suggest deleting the files from your computer. if something happens and you need to format the player you will have to reacquire all your music again.

Hmmmm… what exactly do you want to do? Do you want to delete file/files from your player?

If YES, then you can directly delete that song on the Sansa Clip. Play/go to the song you want to delete then press the down button (submenu button) then choose DELETE.

If  you just wish to delete music files from your WMP 10/11 then you can click on the LIBRARY tab. Right click on the song then choose delete/remove. It will prompt you a message that you can just remove it from the library on wmp or you want to completely remove it from the computer.

I hope this post helps. Good luck!! 

I got a sansa 2 GB. I get some songs from rhapsody. Do I need to continue to subscribe to be able to sync? i have a trouble with syncronizind. what should i do? can listen to the music


You will need to subscribe to continue listening to the songs you got from Rhapsody. If you have music from othere sources, they will play after the subscription expires.

We need more information to be able to help you with trying syncronize.

Is your computer a laptop or desktop?

Does your computer have Windows XP?

How are you trying to synchronize?