Need Sandisk MP3 player buying advice

Guys, I had/have two Sansa e players but of course, I can’t find them and not sure what condition the batteries are in or they are in so I thought I’d look for another one.

Looked for used ones on ebay but also discovered the Sansa clip so, I thought I’d ask for some buying advice before I buy something.

First of all, my eyesight is *hit so I think the e version with the color screen and the icons might still be ideal for me.

I was going to start working out and wanted something at the gym WITH an FM tuner.

I also seem to remember that regardless of the size, the player had a limit to a certain amount of songs PER FOLDER. Is this still true?

Anyway, I saw the little Clip player and I like the fact that it has an option for the clock.

Now all this is irrelevant to me but there are lots more CLIPs on ebay than the e models.

I also want something that I can buy a wrist band for and preferably one that twists so I can put it in the direction I want.

I’m guessing there might be more than one option for me but it’s been years since I had an mp3 player and I thought I’d ask for some advice.

I would rather have a model that allows me to have everything in the same folder so that I can just keep skipping to the next song and not have to re upload different stuff simply because I get tired of hearing the same songs all the time.

Also, I have downloaded video clips/songs from youtube and I think I mostly download their medium/mp4 file option so I would like a player that plays those. That way I can also play them. VIDEO option NOT necessary.

Easy controls which I think they all have and I always liked them and finally, (which I assume they all have) it should be recognized as a hard drive by the pc so that I can just drag and drop.

By the way, I just saw a review for the Clip and they said that it was very buggy. I WOULD like something that is stable so to speak. I’ve had too much stuff in my life that only worked when it felt like it.

By the way, I found an old thread of mine where I DO ask about the 250 song limit per folder for the Sansa e series.

Thanks for any help.


Recommended that you consider the Clip Zip (or Clip+), and NOT the Clip Sport (which has hardware and firmware limitations).  Note:  no video.   Also, no watch option, but it can clip onto clothing, a belt loop, etc.  Not at all buggy (staying away from the Sport version).  And drag-and-drop works well.

I don’t recall a folder file limit (perhaps others will recall).  But best to split a collection between folders–I may recall that having too much in a single folder can slow matters down.  I don’t have this issue, as I have one CD per folder.  Really no reason not to do it that way, as the player’s database will allow you to play by database criteria:  e.g. album, artist, genre.


I don’t play by genre or artist or anything, I just want to play all the songs (preferrably shuffled) which is why I like big folders.

I can live without the watch, I just thought it was kinda cool.

When you say no video, you mean it does not play video formats or doesn’t SHOW actual video? I don’t care about SEEING the video, I was just hoping it would play the format so I could hear the sound…


I have two Sports: one with a normal folder structure, one with all songs in one folder – exactly for the same purpose as yours: shuffle play. But in the case of the Sport it is a necessity, as there’s a database limit of 2000 songs per drive, which can be circumvented by the folder mode. It comes at the price of slow reactions to commands; the Sport with normal folder structure in turn behaves normally. BTW, that’s with a 64 GB card in each of them. So I can’t speak for smaller cards, but I suppose it’s not much different.

I haven’t tested a one-folder version with the Zip; it may work better than with the Sport or not… What I can say, though, is that there’s no need for it, since shuffle play covers the whole player content anyway.

Well, let me see if I can make sense of the reply. I have a huge reading comprehension problem by the way   :slight_smile:

If I can get 1000 songs in one folder or the ability to shuffle between, it’ll be good. I can always go in and replace the music once in awhile and besides, I won’t be at the gym THAT long. I just shuffle or skip songs often 'cause I also think I have ADD and get bored before I finish one song sometimes   :slight_smile:

If they ALL have the ability to shuffle through songs in the WHOLE player, I’m good.

I doubt I will need much more than 8 gigs. Again, I would still have to fill it up and in that case, find the songs I want on my huge hard drive which will be a lot of work anyway and another reason I wanted to be able to play the mp4 files from youtube. I already have 100’s of good songs from there.


The Clip+ won’t play MP4 (AAC) files, the other two will.

So, the zip will?

What about the e models? I have two of them lying around (don’t know where) and I always liked that model and above all, I can see the screen icons without glasses.

Nevermind, I just remembered, 250 file limit per folder…

So, I like what I see about the zip but should I ask more detailed questions here or go to the zip section of the forum?



Yes, transfer to the Zip forum.

But one thing to keep in mind is the mp4 files can easily be converted to mp3, which even your old E player would play if you found it.

iTunes will do it. Go to the folder where the mp4 are, highlight, right-click, Create mp3 version. Of course, you wouldn’t have to do that with the Clip Zip.

I wouldn’t get an E player nowadays. They are ancient, and they are likely to be wearing out mechanically. Although you can replace the battery for about $12, if the wheel or headphone jack starts to go they’re done. 

Personally, I stlil think the Fuze (NOT the Fuze+, a very different thing) was the perfected version of the E200 series–thinner but not tiny, better sound, lovely screen. Unfortunately they’re long discontinued too. You can find them on Ebay but you have to trust the seller, and you have to be VERY gentle with the headphone jack because that’s the first thing to wear out. No leaving your headphones plugged in.

The Zip is probably your best choice. Unless you want to move to another brand, but Sansas are still the best bargain.

THe zip sounds like a good choice and I like the clip option. I can just clip it to my the neck of my t shirt.

Now I have another problem but although it’s not a sandisk issue, I thought I’d just throw it in there for opinions.

I bought this Gorilla mp3 player at wal mart the other day, impulse buy and it IS very cool and super simple. ANYWAY, the headsets sounded like crap. I tried another set (looked the same actually) that I also bought and they sounded the same.

Tried a third set from a gas station and they did too.

Very high higher frequencies and good bass but NO midrange. The high end was very shrill/sharp.

Went to BEst Buy yesterday and tried another headset. A little better but not much. I was wondering if it was the little gorilla unit 'cause I know they can sound different but we tried the same song (although different sources) on the phone of the guy that worked there and my buddy’s phone and although DIFFERENT, it had the same issues. I mean different as that there WAS a difference but still the same problem.

The best sound was from the LG phone of the guy that worked there and he pulled the song up on youtube (Fine Young Cannibals - Good Thing) and the worst version was from iTunes on my buddies iPhone.

I have an old over the ear headset from Sony which I love (MDR-033) which is has been discontinued for years but I can’t find them.

I have two old sansa e players but I can’t find them either so I’m wondering if it’s my **bleep** ears or the headphones 'cause apparently the little gorilla unit didn’t make it bad as it sound as good as the other things and better than the iphone/itunes version.

Oh and as for converting in iTunes…I’m not touching iTunes, I hate it   :slight_smile:

I have other conversion software and I may actually do that as it’ll keep the file size down I assume.



And an addition as to the video question:  none of the Clips will display OR play video files (but software out there will strip the audio out from a video file, so that it can be played on audio players).

Well, considering the file sizes should (Yes/no?) be much smaller if I convert them to mp3’s only, I’ll prolly do that but I just wanted to confirm IF it will play video/mp4 files (sound only, don’t care about the video itself)?

Do you by any chance know about any file limitation per folder? Ie, amount of files per folder?

Thanks for the help (everyone).


Sorry if I wasn’t clear earlier–the Clips will not play video files including with only the audio coming out. If the file is in a video format, it is not compatible with the Clips. And certainly, the audio only of a video file, saved as its own file, will be much smaller than a full audio+video video file. I don’t recall a file number per folder limit–sorry. I may have seen that there is no limit but that this has caused some people some issue–but candidly, I haven’t seen discussion of this for years, and so don’t recall with any accuracy.