Need plug-in SSD controller

I’ve just purchased a SanDisk  Extreme 120GB SSD for my EVGA 780i motherboard, which is limited to SATA II and doesn’t have all the features to play nice with a SSD.  MY QUESTION: would it be better for me to replace my dial-up modem card (which I neveer used) with a dedicated hard disk controller for the SSD so, for example, I could get SATA III, TRIM, and some of the other SDD benifits?


  1. Researched SATA III plug-in controllers and concluded that I would get no performance boost with my eVGA 780i MB running SATA II.
  2. Had a fifth disk drive I wasn’t using, so I unplugged drive G and replaced it with the SSD.
  3. During boot-up the SSD was recognized.
  4. Used the disk tools to assign drive “G” to the SSD and format it.
  5. Used Acronis True Image to copy the “C” image to “G” (SSD).
  6. Rebooted, but during reboot, entered into BIOS setup and reassigned the boot drive as “G” instead of “C”
  7. System booted with no problem
  8. Ran Windows Experience Index; primary hard disk transfer rate improved from 5.9 to 7.0

What’s left: the Thermaltake 3.5" HDD converter bracket for SSD/2.5" will not fit in my CoolerMaster disk drawers; must find another adapter.

Will post another thread on that subject.