Need older version of firmware

Where can I get a download of an older version of my firmware?  I have 3.01.16a on my Sansa e260v2 and I want 3.01.11, 3.01.14 or 3.01.16.


Well, you don’t want 03.01.11. That’s the one that came on the players from the factory and it didn’t have the USB switch in the Settings, so you couldn’t select MTP or MSC.

03.01.16 is the last (newest) version & has no glaring bugs that I’m aware of. Why do you want to go back to a previous version?

Here’s the 03.01.14 version.

When I click on the red link it takes me to the page and the link that I used for the 3.01.16a firmware.  Nowhere does it say 3.01.14.

I don’t understand.  Sorry.

Sorry, I didn’t notice that. For some reason the links were changed to the newer .16 release even though the post is for the .14. I don’t know why, but I’m sure there was a good reason behind it.

What was your reason for wanting the older version?

03.01.16 is the final release build before the e200 v2 was dropped in favor of the new Fuze.  This firmware build is about as bulletproof as you can get, very smooth and stable.

I agree, the real task is to solve the issue you may have.  Give us some further information, and we can tackle it.

Bob  :wink: