Need Odd Monty Python LP Title

Not that they all weren’t odd! Monty Python LPs had some crazy offerings in their days. Some noteables: A double LP with 3 sides instead of 4, an LP with 2 independant grooves on side2 (the second side2 as side1 was labeled side2 also) - making the stampers required finding an old record cutting lathe that could be controlled manually and still was very hard to do, the instant LP “set” that had a single record but the sleeve popped open into a box making it look like a multiple record set.

The oddest IMO is an LP that played backwards. Not as in rotating backwards. It played from the center out instead of from the outside edge in. Anybody know the title of this LP? I read about it several years ago. I’ve got to find one of these to play a joke on a good friend who is a vinyl junkie with some very nice sound equipment. He will freak out if I pop this album on his turntable!

If you know of any other LP that plays like this, give me the title as the content is really not important.

I have the LP “The Album of the Soundtrack of the Trailer of the Film Monty Python and the Holy Grail”.

Funny, the common CD does play from the center-out, come to think of it, a constant-linear-velocity (CLV) format, meaning variable rotation speed, starting at about 500 RPM at the beginning, down to about 200 RPM at the end.

That’s goofy enough in my book!

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Does that LP play from the center out? I see no mention of it on websites or on listings at ebay. Whichever LP it is, there may be various pressings that are different. I’m not sure, it might even be a 45 or flexi, but I did read that there was one that played this wrong way.