Need more music volume?

I’ve been following the discussion about resetting to non-EU standards in an effort to increase player volume.  That will certainly help – but there is another more effective way.  

Just go to Music Settings and increase the gain setting of the Music Equalizer.  Nominally the frequency bands are set to mid-level so that users can boost the bass and treble by selecting the various pre-programmed music-type settings.  If you’d like to boost the overall volume, just go to Custom and boost the mid-frequencies as well.

I did this to  boost the volume for audio books, but now I use this same setting for music as well.  Works great for me.  All the volume and sound quality  I could possibly want!

You can also use MP3Gain to raise the db level. This is assuming of course, that your files are .mp3 format. Note that this may also introduce clipping so your sound quality may suffer on the peaks.

Boosting the volume with the Custom EQ actually ‘colors’ the music, so one may or may not like the results depending on the ear/headphones being used.