need help

I have more than 1000 song that I downloaded from limewire ( size in KB) .When I did sync the songs from WMP10 to my Sansa Fuze and Sansa Clip and It only allowed about 200 -250 songs in it and the size of the song change to MB. could anyone help me with this problem?

While I don’t have the answer to your question I do find it funny that you openly admit downloading 1,000 songs from Limewire illegally lol.  You could have just said you have 1,000 songs you tried to put on your player.

Just sayin lol.

It’s fine I don’t mind  with your comment but not only me illegally download songs from limewire million people did that too:stuck_out_tongue:hehehe admit that:smiley.

Oh gosh everyone does it, but it’s funny that you openly said it on a public forum.  I mean like I said you could have just said 1,000 songs.

It’s a problem with the files from Limewire.  You should go to a Limewire forum to get you files fixed. A lot of files from Limewire are purposely messed up and some are even out right malware.

Your Sansa is working fine.