Need help with two issues..

Hello everybody! To begin I’ll tell you that my mp3 of choice was a Sansa product, until two years later it was stolen. So I bought a new m250 with one more GB than it’s predecessor a few weeks.

The problem is that I face a slow menu interface under the Play Music area, especially when i go in the Songs section. It’s just really annoying, and it gets slower when I get to the “M”; and I have tried going straight to the “Z”, but it is so slow that the menu disappers from being inactive! What could make it so slow? My other mp3 player had no more storage space remaining, yet it worked flawlessly!

The other areas are fine, it’s the Play Music that bothers me. But I got one more problem (my fault this time): somehow I managed to “loose” something somewhere inside the device when I tucked it in my pocket that I can no longer turn the volume down, which restricts my player to be used on car stereos, unless I want to make my eardrums bleed. So is there a way to turn the volume down from my computer??

Any help that you can give is welcome =)

    Any ideas??

Try reloading the firmware onto the player and see if that corrects the problem…