Need help with Proctected WMA (DRM) file

I just purchased a refrub Sansa M230 and have uploaded a NetLibrary DRM file.  The file is playable, but the fast forward feature doesn’t work and the pause button can reset the WMA to the beginning (sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t).  Is this typical?  I’ve tried with the USB setting both at MTP and Auto Detect. 

  • Other non protected WMA’s work well and I can fast forward. 
  • Windows Media Player asked for the license file before uploading and I see it via Windows Explore



are all the netlibrary files working the same? or do some fast forward just fine?

Resolved… I believe it was an issue between MTP and auto detect.  The fact that it played threw me off.  Thanks for the reply!

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I am having exactly the same problem.  What did you do to fix the problem?