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Ah, I thought that if you paid the fee, the files would be unlocked and you freely could use them wherever–on the SanDisk, on another player, etc., and as a “normal type” of file such as in mp3 format.  Not the case? 



It is my understanding this is the way it works. IIRC the files are protected and once the product is sent to ATG to be unlocked you will get unprotected MP3s.


This is ATG though. SanDisk only sells the actual product to ATG. Any issues with the content or how it is unlocked I would recommend contacting ATG for support. 

Hey guys,

The files have zero protection on them.  The protection level that ATG put in the software just hides the devices storage volume from being able to be displayed and therefor from being removed.  Using diskpart, gpart, and every other command based partition tool I was shocked icare was the only one which could see the data through a data dump.  I think this is because the icare software is not a partition software by design but a tool to recover lost pictures and data from a corrupted device.

I believe you are the one who had 2700 songs, if so I would read this page.  I can vouch for the fact they will supply you the code for free so you can get all your music in one download.  With 2700 songs it will take a while to dump the data though you already knew that considering how long it would have taken to get those songs using the bop’s software.

What I still can’t understand are why they include a seperate folder with short 30 second clips of some of the songs.  I am guessing when you clicked on the preview button to listen to the music it actually downloaded that clip to your player but this is only speculation.  

Who would have thought Keefe would have a data division and they would have actually been good at it…now just coffee and whole shebangs folks… they do data well.

OK, I’ll say it another way. There should be 2795 track. Recovered  6 gigs of SWF files(Flash video). With 1700 300Kb files.

How do I convert SWF to MP3? Because SWF will not load on any of my Nano’s or 64 Gig iPod Touch. Are the missing 1075 files in the SWF files?

Icare recovered all data from the player bite for bite.

I should be more precise, I don’t believe Icare converted the files to SWF durring recovery. And the MP3 files of verious sizes,

example one may sat file876.mps  size 17KB and the next one file877.mp3 will be 90KB. Sizes go up to 290KB.

WidedOut, can’t stand Keefe coffee, and no Shabangs on our Pound. :smiley:

This is why I keep on wondering if going the “official” way and biting the bullet and paying the “unlock fee” is just the easier way to go.  But I don’t have the knowledge that you folks do, and I understand the reluctance (having acted similarly in the past myself . . .). 

Just a thought, Kurt:  without meaning to offend at all, are you sure that something in the iCare software wasn’t inadvertently set when you used it, that caused an unintended result?  It’s just odd that music files would end up as swf files, and that all of your music files don’t seem to have been recovered (at least cleanly). 

Perhaps WipedOut will have further suggestions there–I don’t have any experience with iCare. 

Well Milkerman, I saw no offer to “save as” and the last I thing I would have chosen is SWF format. Adobe never really seemed to get on board with Shock Wave after they bought Maromedia, Macromedia Director was one the the very few apps they let die.

Adobe looked at SWF as sort of a red headed step child.(no offence intended to red heads).

Some of the files were extracted to a “lost file Dir” Now those are proper size, not named. IE: 377gh.mp3   12MB. No the app worked as most do, find the files, show you the files, and extracted the ones you want.

The files aren’t locked, the unit is. But again as far as I am concerned it would make a lousy paper weight.  I need a app the will convert the pointer and Shock Wave files to MP3. I have a licenced version of Helium Music Manager(the best IMHO)and it handles all audio files and even it has no idea what to do with them.

I would not mind(too much)having to rename all 2795 files(Helium can hand that)but they have to be “true” standard MP3 files


I am at a loss here, the files should all have been MP3’s and no where on the drive should SWF have even existed.  Are you positive you hit the lost partition recovery?  Can you try this on a seperate computer?  

The files can be played anywhere, I know because I put them on dropbox and stream them to my radio while I am in my car from my Samsung Galaxy.  128K MP3’s meh, it could be worse.  I typically get 320k but before someone jumps into the whole flac debate, I just don’t care for FLAC until the compression goes up.  It would eat up almost all my bandwith driving to and from work on my monthly plan.  Sure I can store it to the phone but my collection is rather large.

When the file dump completed were you left with a huge list of file folders, each one containing 2-4 songs?

Will add one more note to this, have received over 10 messages so far from the wordpress blog from people whom have used this technique with success.  Hate you are having trouble bro.

On a side note I may have the fix for the firmware issue to just unlock the mp3 player all together.  It is tricky and you would need to dump the music off it before hand.  I have no interest in re-using this mp3 player but I do have an interest in keeping ATG from profiting anymore off of people.

Once I can simplify the instructions I will post it up.

Firmware fix is on slight hold as of 9/4/16.  Was walking around my house and my OTG adapter hit the door frame.  Without that I can not connect to the device to continue working on it.  Another on order, will update when it gets here from Hong Kong.

Wipedout I  can’t say strongly enough how great full I am for all your help. For someone to take time out of their life to help a person they will most likely never meet, will never cease to amaze me.

Sorry for not responding sooner, but in my defence some information was obtain and sent to me that has monopolized all my waking time. I received documented proof that the agent in my case lied under oath not once but four times. I knew he lied but now with these official Gov Documents, it is beyond question.

The Dir structure is as follows  #:\FAT3\Lost Folders , Raw Files\

The Lost dir list folders as dir0 through dir70

The Raw as 2 folders(1) MP3 music files, with folder marked 1-301, until the last 1501-1744 at 300 file increments

Dir (2) Shockwave Flash file, containing files 001 - 005

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Will add one more note to this, have received over 10 messages so far from the wordpress blog from people whom have used this technique with success.  Hate you are having trouble bro.


On a side note I may have the fix for the firmware issue to just unlock the mp3 player all together.  It is tricky and you would need to dump the music off it before hand.  I have no interest in re-using this mp3 player but I do have an interest in keeping ATG from profiting anymore off of people.


Once I can simplify the instructions I will post it up.

Would you mind writing up anything you find reverse engineering the firmware?  As far as I know these devices are too simple for any serious 3rd party firmware development, but it would still be interesting to know more about them.

As far as reverse engineering the hardware there is no need to:

And did end up finding an easier way for this process where you should be able to keep your music intact while doing the firmware upgrade.  The firmware upgrade is a two step process, you must first dump a generic onto the device and then dump the new sandisk firmware on it.  To prove this is possible here are pics of my player:

20160907_010453.jpg 20160907_010516.jpg 20160907_010535.jpg

I didn’t feel like fixing the rotation of the photos but you can get the gist of it.

The first method I had of forcing the hex file via an adroind device and purchased software + purchase adapter just didn’t seem worth while as this project was about it being free.

IF YOU TRY THIS TECHNIQUE AND YOU DO SOMETHING WRONG I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE.  If you are not tech savy enough to perform basic task then do not do this, pay the $40 and be done with it.

Back to though,

A firmware program for another player will be used, a chinese version of firmware will be dumped onto the device, and then you can plug the player into your computer to copy the upgrade.hex file to it.  The chinese firmware does the upgrade from the player so once you click update you are set.  The new sandisk firmware is actually nice compared to the locked down atg crap.  Will probably have the walkthrough up tomorrow night into Thursday.  

Be in touch guys


If you can pull up a file explorer screen which may look similar to this, this is an image on windows 10


and now go to the mail folder where all the files were recovered to.  In the search menu type in *.mp3 and let it search all the files to find the mp3 music.  When it pulls the list up select all of the mp3’s and move them to a single folder so you can find them easier.  Looking at the post above if you can not get your mp3’s via the icare trick you may be in luck via my other method but I would still rather you get the files via the icare dump just to be safe.

Hope this helps bro

I am truly bothered, you mean to tell me the government would lie to us…first I am hearing about this! :wink:

Did you hear about the man from Columbia they extradited, he lost his home, his money and freedom for a year.  The Gov knew they had the wrong guy but wouldn’t admit fault.  When they did admit they had the wrong guy they still refused to give his property back including re-imbursement for lawyer fees.  

After a long wait the step by step illustrated guide of how to unlock the sandisk sport is now up.  Instead of posting it here I just posted it to the blogpost.  Do hope this helps someone and remember to download your music with the icare method first, don’t feel like decrypting the firmware to enable saving music when an option is already available.

And make sure you try which is free after you dump your music back on the player, nothing nicer than album covers for all the music to appear.

Guess it might help if I included the url to the guide?  Link is above

I received a few emails about a weird message chrome was displaying.  When people are downloading the file off megaupload chrome is popping up a message stating the file is malicious.  Strikes me as odd chrome did that so downloaded the file and ran a check using Avira Anti-virus pro:


What to make of it, your guess is as good as mine.  I can only assume the .exe file used for firmware upgrading or the hex file itself has thrown some flag.  Is nice to see chrome trying to combat malware, I guess getting called out on having the most loopholes of any mainstream browser put them in tough spot.

Be good guys

Can I do Icare recovery without a PC???

Hey I can get the songs off of the MP3 but what I need help with is taking the bop lock off the MP3 without sending it to SanDisk

Get a phone download otg disk explore disk pro you can add and take songs off