need (help!!!) to work my sansa clip work properly again

my sansa clip was once freez, so i updated it. it work well for about 6 or 7 months. then for awhile the screen turn upside-down, and it still work. so i ignore it. the next day, i was listening to music on my sansa clip, the screen still turn upside-down. for 4 or 5 minutes it freez again. i connect it to my computer, and it wont connect. i try switch it on hold and pressing the center button, it connect. so can any body give me some advice!! (to make it work properly again)

interestingly , there are not that many cases where the screen turns upside down. there are 3 cases so far (including you). please contact sandisk and ask for a replacement.

I wonder if a format followed by a re-install the firmware would help …

i have the exact same problem. it just occured today while i was syncing 2 new songs. when i turned on my sansa clip (i own a 2 gb black clip) it was ok for 5seconds then it turned upside down, it froze, it freaked me out. i really dont know what happened. i havent updated my version so i still have the 01.01.11A version. right now i’m listening to music thru my mp3 but i deleted the 2 songs i installed coz i thought it had virus or something. i dont have the receipt since i just got this as a xmas present from my sister. what should i do? it’s really hard navigating an upside down display