Need help my Windows Xp is unable to identify my new Sansa Fuze

I just bought it about 3 days ago and had some problems but i found out there solutions. Now i try to install the Sansa Updater and it loads some and stop at 62%. It then says: Wait until your device is recognized by Windows, then click the finish button, or quit. Please help me.

Go to Settings/System Settings and change USB mode to MSC.

To use the other mode, MTP, which lets Windows Media Player control the Fuze, you have to update Windows Media Player to version 10 or 11.

where’s system settings/settings?

Push the home/Menu button (top right) and it will probably say Music. Turn the wheel clockwise when it shows Music and you’ll see Settings.Click the center button and turn the wheel until it highlights System Settings, at the bottom of the list, and click the center button.

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thanks. really appreciate it.