When I attempt to install a second book on my FUZE AUDIOBOOKS, I get a request:  ‘this folder already contains … do you want to overwrite’.

NO !!!  i want a SEPARATE folder for the SECOND book!

It doesn’t happen!  If I say NO to that request, then all that is installed are the tracks that the OTHER book didn’t have!!!  If i say YES, then the ENTIRE first book is overwritten!

There has GOT to be an easier way!

 What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for the assist!

Place all the audiobook files into a folder with a unique name.  example name “Twilight by Stephanie Meyers”   Then copy that Folder to the Audiobooks directory on the Fuze,  dragging and dropping that folder into it.     Use a different Folder name for each book you are adding.

Hope that helps

I will break it down more.   just to explain it better.   

First major step:

If you have 3 cd’s (3 difffernt books).   Create a folder on your computer for each book, change the folder name from “new folder” to the bookname (make sure the folders are named something differnt).    Copy the cd’s files to the folders you created on the computer, each cd to its own unique folder name. 

Second Major Step:

Use a tageditor , such as Mp3Tag, to change the Gene to Audiobook, and enter the title and author.    also set the tag with the track number so that they will play in order.  Example Track: 1 to 30

Last easy step:  

Drag and drop each Folder (book) to the Audiobooks directory on the Fuze.


Step 2 may not be that easy.  if you need more help just ask

Hope that helps

If you are using somekind of program to install the audiobook.   Then after you install each book.     Go manually into the Fuze’s Audiobook directory and see if there is a folder in it for the installed book.   If so.   Simply change the name of that folder,   so the next install won’t try to copy to the same folder, wanting to overide it .       I always do things manually.    So my instructions may not follow the process you are using.    Reply back with more information if you need help :slight_smile:


THANK YOU!!!  THANK YOU!!!  I didn’t need that ‘tag’ thingie!  I just installed book onto my D drive in a specific folder and then dragged/dropped into AUDIOBOOKS.  I did that THREE times and it worked EVERY time!  Each book is in a separate folder in AUDIOBOOKS!!!


Thank you SO much!