need help converting vids

i am trying to convert role models to work on my sansa fuse, but it is taking forever. i have tried other methods of converting the vid but they are also no good. i just want to be able to watch vids on this thing! help please i need to know if there are other methods converting this vid or if there is a way to get this thing to load faster.

There are lots of suggestions and/or alternative solutions already posted here on the board (& on others). Have you read through and/or tried any?

Let us know what you’ve tried, the format of the source video, etc. and maybe someone can help if you give enough details. :wink:

well right now my sansa vid conv. is stuck at 0% and the file is AVI. im just wondering if im missing something, i thought this thing could handle itself.

PS ive uploaded vids in the past, so i dont know why it wont load now.

PS i looked through some other solutions, and i dont want to reinstall direct X 9 when ive already got direct X 10.

help please??