Need help asap

_ I cant read or see my pictures on my scandisk cruser u3. wants me to pay to have them decrypted… Im job hunting and this scan disk has all my info and important paperwork on it… _

u3. wants me to pay to have them decrypted…

U3 doesn’t do that.  Sounds like you may be infected with something or someone is playing a joke on you.

On the flash drive, is the Removable drive a CD drive and does it have 3 files on it?  A autorun.inf, and a LaunchU3.exe.

its a flash drive scandisk cruzer u3. Im dumb when it comes to this kinda stuff

Then you need to take the drive to someone with more experience.  A techie friend or local repair shop for example.

When the U3 drive is plugged in it should ask for the password, and you need to enter it to see your files.  If you fail to enter the correct password 3 or 5 times, I don’t remember the exact number, the software formats the drive.  No msg about paying to have the files decrypted. 

If you have used the drive in a public pc you could have somehow gotten it infected with malware.  I don’t see how but it sounds like malware.