Need help adding mp3 files to player

What do you mean “they are for the RealPlayer”?  Are they definitely MP3s, or are they some other format?

When you try to use Windows Media Player to sync them, what exactly do you do?

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when i downloaded the audio from the website, the tag was .mp3.  Once on my computer, it shows as .mpeg.  When I click on it to open it, it is automatically opened using RealPlayer…another type of media player.  Now, when I plug my clip into the computer, the only options I have are to synchronize using Windows Media Player, Yahoo Jukebox or Nothing…those are my choices in the dialogue box.  To get this file into Windows media player, I have to manually load it…it does not show up in the library.  I right click on it to add it to the sync list and when I click on start sync, i get an error message saying cannot sync…not compatible…or something to that effect.  Now, I did check the sansa clip manual that I downloaded off this forum and the clip should recognize these types of files so I don’t understand.  Hope this clarifies the issues I’m having.

i assume you know how to look at properties. assuming it says mp3. sometimes ppl wont know -0- and dont wanna know anything should get a remote desktop app and ask someone to take control of their desktop. if you have xp pro, its built in… set your default player to somethin other than realplayer. theres so much you dont say, cuz you just dont know . invite someone to remotely take over your machine  is one opt

An MP3 file (audio only) should keep it’s “.mp3” extension when downloaded to your PC, it should not be renamed to “.mpeg”, which is a different file type (could be audio or video).  Even still, if it really is an MP3, WMP should show it converting first, then synchronizing.

In WMP, after you’ve attempted to sync the file to your Clip, it should show the file under “Files You Added”, and there should be an “X” in a red circle next to the file name.  If you click on the X and select “Error Details”, you should get more information on why that file couldn’t be synced.

My guess is that the files you downloaded were video files … get the error details and we’ll know for sure.

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could you do a screen capture and then post that image on this page so we can understand what’s wrong with it.  Your description is not clear enough to know what’s wrong…to get the screen capture…just press PrintScreen on your keyboard, top right corner and then paste onto Paint and then attach the image here so we all can know what’s the problem.

thats beyond her guaranteed

Amkoas, better hope that redhead never challenges you to a grammar, spelling and punctuation contest.  :wink:

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i accept any and all challenges on anything. this aint english 101 and i aint writin a novel. this is all cyberspeak
thxn for yer concern

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amkoas wrote:

i accept any and all challenges on anything. this aint english 101 and i aint writin a novel. this is all cyberspeak
thxn for yer concern

So apparently it’s Computer Science 101.  You set up the rules, huh?  :wink:

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Redhead, sometimes a computer will rename the extension.  What happens if you re-rename the extension .mp3 manually yourself–will the tunes play and will they load onto and play on your Clip?

it will play on pc, it will load, it wont play on clip

Right, because of the extension (the Clip doesn’t play mpegs); perhaps renaming it to .mp3 will do the trick.


Miikerman wrote:

Right, because of the extension (the Clip doesn’t play mpegs); perhaps renaming it to .mp3 will do the trick.

As I mentioned, if an MP3 file is renamed to have a .mpeg extension, WMP will just put it through a “conversion” process before syncing it.  Redhead got sync errors, so my guess is that the files are not actually MP3s.

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First off, I’d like to thank everyone that responded and tried to help me.  As it turned out, the actual extension on these files was .mpga and I believe that was the problem.  Since it appears they were formatted to play on the RealPlayer player, apparently that program has a tendancy to change file extensions and you cannot simply rename the extension.  I ended up having to downloaded a free audio file converter program that converted these files to .mp3 and now all is well as I was able to just drag and drop them right into my music folder on the clip.  So, for those of you that might want to download any free hypnosis MP3 recordings, you might want to keep my experience in mind…lol.

Secondly, I wish to clarify that I am not an idiot and while I may not be computer savy, I do know my way around the computer to a certain degree.  What I do not have solid knowledge in is the lingo involved which is why I request that procedures be explained to me in simple terms.  While I do not know if it was your intent to insult my intelligence, that is most certainly how it came across so you may want to keep that in mind when trying to assist other’s asking for help.  This comment is for the person that seems to enjoy engaging in pissing matches with those on this board that are sincerely trying to help others.  Again, if you were not trying to insult my intelligence, I do apologize but that is how the majority of your posts on this board come across.

Again, thank you for trying to help me.

this was justta matter of right-click 101… nothing more. the entire post could have been avoided… blame me if you want IDC… ppl who just wanna guess w/o any basis – come on, seriously… stern, short, terse, abrupt … this isnt meant to be offensive…
someone gets offended at questioning his/her competence and yet didnt look at the real ext seriously…
someone thinx changing ext even matters?? comeon…wild guesses only confuse

Nice retort, amkoas.


“Abrasive” is the adjective that comes to mind. Or in commonly applied forum terms, “trolling”.

I’d venture to speculate that the majority of forum visitors are not here because of a desire to engage in, or learn, terse “1337”-speak, rather, more often than not they are average netizens reaching out for assistance, on a mass-produced retail device - and the extra effort put into constructing and typing a suggestion in fully qualified English sentences, with common language structuring and maybe even a measure of sympathy is, in my opinion, appreciated far more than crass elitism.

And, BTW, I HAVE encountered several instances where file extensions are transparent at the application level (yes, on a Windows box); ideally they should be irrelevant - and that is one major advantage of the Mac filesystem…the application can usually determine the filetype by its contents. Yes some windows apps will do this as well, and the Clip’s filesystem and application level capabilities (as an embedded device) in that arena are largely unknown - so the question WAS a valid one and the THREAD was certainly not to be avoided. The “post(s)” that could have been avoided? Well, I rest my case.

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nice speech, bottom line == right click wouldda avoided it all… do the simple things first, bud…

amkoas wrote:
nice speech, bottom line == right click wouldda avoided it all… do the simple things first, bud…

How would right-clicking (I assume you mean to look at the file’s properties, but maybe not) have allowed redhead to have figured out that the files needed to be converted?


Anyway, my guess is that the majority of PC users out there don’t even know about right-clicking on a file in Windows Explorer.  It may seem “simple” to you, but if your average PC user has never had a need to do this, why would they know about it?

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heres the simple deduction, she found her way here… she knows right click… you are waaaay off… ppl learn real quick about rt click… completely basic… now you are patronizing/demeaning the majority of pc users…admit it… rt click fixes this… KISS rule worx 98%