Nearly free substitute Clip clip, after rebate

As many here know, the clip on the various Clips sometimes can break (especially on the earlier Clip models). Also, some people just don’t like the clips. And then, especially if replacement clips are not available for the original Clip or Clip+ (or if one doesn’t like the clip), what is one to do?

Perhaps to the rescue, I just came across, at Fry’s Electronics in the U.S., SnowLizard’s Tec Tabs. Available 4 to a box, in black, orange, blue or pink, the tabs are small, low-profile plastic “buttons” of sorts to which is affixed a movable metal loop. The idea is, you affix the tab to an electronic device (the tab attaches using an auto-grade glue), and then you can attach the device to whatever your want via the metal loop–for example, you could attach a carabiner to the loop and then attach that to your pants loop. Although intended for permanent affixing, I also have read that the tabs can be removed. Each box of Tec Tabs includes some plastic carabiners of sorts, as well as a lanyard.

A pretty cool and useful idea, it seems to me. And given the smallness and lightness of the Clips, ideal for the Clips.

Now, the icing on the cake: Tec Tabs seem to retail for US $10-15 (again, that’s for 4 tabs, some plastic carabiners (of dubious use, as they’re plastic?), and a lanyard). But now, through the end of the month, Fry’s Electronics has them on sale for $10,  with a $10 rebate. And so, in the end, you get the tabs for the price of sales tax, if applicable, as well as a stamp to mail in the rebate form. Ah, you say, but there’s no Fry’s store near me. Well, it now looks like Fry’s has these on special shipping (this wasn’t the case originally), for $1.99. And so, in the end, you pay the tax (if applicable–for people outside of the few states having Fry’s stores, it won’t be), $1.99 shipping, plus a stamp for the rebate. Quite a nice deal! 

The applicable link:…23&submit.y=16

From what I can tell from the rebate form and store info., there is a limit of 2 Tec Tabs packages under the rebate offer. I picked 2 up. But it in fact may be, based on the rebate form, that the limit is 2 of each “item,” each color constituting a different item (that seems to be the case, based on the rebate form). And so, in fact, you might be able to qualify for 2 _ of each _ of the 4 colors, with a full rebate on the purchase price.

At any rate, something to consider and maybe even purchase, for use with the Clips or just to have around, for the Clips or other products. Free, and useful, is good–

And, some product pics and other info.  A pic is worth a bunch of words . . . .

Manf. website info.:

Youtube product demo.:

Tek tab

Tek tab

Just an update, that this deal still is good, now through July 30.  And currently, with free shipping from, making this a no-brainer low-cost (sales tax and/or a stamp for the rebate form) opportunity, it seems to me . . . .  :)

And, the deal still is on, with a full rebate for purchases currently through August 31 (although, currently, there is a $1.99 shipping charge)!   :slight_smile: