Navigation Problems

I’ve had my Fuze+ since last Christmas, and I use it primarily for listening to podcasts.  I’ve always found the fast forward/rewind a little bit tricky to use, and have noticed that occasionally any attempt to fast forward will reset the podcast to the beginning.  I usually lock the device.

A couple of days ago my Fuze+ refused to ‘unlock’.  I would depress the power button briefly,  it would ‘read’ as unlocked, then immediately lock again.  I reset the Fuze+ to no effect.  I reinstalled the firmware, and now can I unlock again, but only top-level navigation works, and the device will not respond to ‘vertical’ navigation or selection.

Maybe try backing up the content on the player and select format from the menu or from windows.

I seen some weird behaviour and that fixed it for me before.

I dont know what your suppose to do but for battery preservation etc

i always pause the currently playing track and power down the device when not in use.

Lithium ion batteries do NOT have a very long life span… if yyour not using it ? unplug it !

oh and good luck hopefully you don’t need an RMA or service phone call etc…