Napster clock error

After several Sansas I bought a 8GB Fuze. It is nice, but I can’t get any songs to transfer to it with Napster. Napster says there is a clock error. I did a search for “clock” on these forums and discovered that folks have been having a similar error with Rhapsody and the primary fix has been to exchange the device to see if the replacement has the same hardware problem. So I guess I will try that too… The one funky thing I noticed is that when I pull up the device info on Napster it shows me as having last logged in tomorrow. I’m not much for time travel and it seems to be causing Napster to tell me I have a clock error.

The clock error is the DRM secure clock.  Check within the Napster application of there os an option to reset the secure clock, or if this function is handled solely by Windows Media Player.

Sorry, but I am not familiar with the Napster service.  In Rhapsody, there is an option to reset (synchronize) the secure clock; perhaps the Napster client has this option.

You can force the clock to synchronize in some cases by formatting the device, and reauthorizing it with the subscription service.

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I did reformat the player and configure Windows Media Player but it did not help. Napster still says that I logged in tomorrow. I will exchange the player and see if I experience the same problem with the next one…


It’s possible that the WMDRM hardware clock is having issues.  Let us know how it goes!

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I currently have an RMA in for a replacement fuze with a bad WMDRM hardware clock.  Is this a known problem in the Fuze family?  I’ve got a e280R and my daughter has a e260 (V1) that are rock solid. 

Granted I rarely use my E280R in MTP (Plays For Sure) mode since it works so well with Rhapsody and plays the Rhapsody files natively.  But my daughters e260 is rock solid as well.

Yet now Me, and at least two others on this board seem to be having “secure clock” issues.  I tried everything mentioned on Rhapsody and Sandisk forums prior to RMA’ing mine.  The unit just would not update the secure clock either through the Rhapsody Client or through Windows Media Player.

I had to do some “convincing” of the tech, as he tried to tell me it was a Rhapsody issue, and I finally told him that I had uninstalled Rhapsody and even Media Player kept coming up with a “nag” screen telling me to update my secure clock.  His supervisor finally conceeded that there “could be an issue” with the secure clock because it has it’s own battery.

Is this a known problem on a batch of Fuzes, because it would be nice to know prior to going through the heartache I had to go to to convice the Tech Support crew I wan’t a complete idiot.

Thanks in Advance.

there are a lot of variables that can contribute to this, the device is one of them, but it also relates to your windows xp OS (from my experience).  Remember that DRM was created by Microsoft, and no detailed explaination of how this works, or what is needed for it to work properly is provided by Microsoft.

Hence I spent countless hours trying to problemsolve or troubleshoot DRM issues.  

Here is one thing you can try.  There is a windows update that fixes the clock with Windows XP SP2.  there were daylight savings issues since daylight savings had changed for 2008.  Anyways I doubt this will be a fix for your problem but it is worth a try.

Also I know you don’t want to disclose whether your windows OS is genuine or not, but I will say that I think DRM issues also relate to the authenticity of Windows OS.  But my Dell Laptop with Windows provided by Dell has proved me wrong on this (but only this case).  Other pcs that I worked with that did not have geniunie XP installed, had problems initializing information related to DRM.  This has something to do with PC individualization and the ibxkey and other crap that Microsoft requires in order to license devices and music properly.  Because it has not been "how-to"ed for me, I can’t really give you much details about how it works =/

Also I’ve searched online about DRM and how it works but only general outline (the front end) of it is told: microsoft server is contacted to set your secure clock, information about license is contacted to license your media or device, and then it just happens.  As I said before, what specifically is needed, what files do what, how processes are handle is a whole taboo section that remains a secret to me still.

Good luck with your attempts to fix DRM.  Hopefully it was just that device (which normally is the problem).  

Oh, one suggestion I could offer, back when I was problem solving Rhapsody, no “back up” version of Windows XP CD was working. Then I installed the pre authenticated Windows XP cd (that has the 30 days till activation message that keeps popping up)  and Rhapsody worked properly.

I received a replacement Fuze from Amazon and it syncs with Napster just fine. Glad I did not waste too much time on it…