Napster and the Fuze: a consensus?

So I’ve done some research and decided to get a fuze.  Not because they are the best ever invented, but because they seem to be the best that actually sells (and is therefore likely to be supported for some time).  I’ve searched this forum and the web looking for information on how well Fuze and Napster play together and I’ve gotten a very mixed message.  I’m wondering if the community here can answer these two questions:

1.  Does Napster generally work well on the Fuze?

2.  Does Napster-to-go subscription music generally play from the SD card?

These questions have been asked here before, but a definitive answer was never really reached.  I did search this forum pretty extensively but if I’ve missed something, please let me know.

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Since I have been diagnosed with a lifelong allergy to DRM (digital rights machinations), I don’t use Napster. See if Napster has a user forum–you’ll probably find a lot more info. But many people here do seem to use it.

Napster’s forum is pretty dead.  If I posted something there it could very well be months before I got a reply.  And I know it is officially supported, but was wondering if it is actually usable.

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Here’s what I do know. Napster uses DRM so its files go through Windows Media Player and the MTP protocol.  Sansa and Microsoft did cooperate on making them work together as their alternative to iTunes/doPi compatibility.  They should work to the extent that Napster itself runs decently with any other pairing of computer and player. 

Yet Windows Media Player has quirks, and the instructions on most music services are not the clearest. So it’s hard to tell from the inquiries here what is user error, what is WMP weirdness,  what is some oddity of the particular computer involved, what’s badly explained by Napster and what’s possibly a specific glitch between Napster and Sansa.

TomJensen is right. Just try it. If you’ve used Napster succesfully with another player connected to your computer, you can probably do the same with the Sansa–and if not, that’s what store warranties are for.  You don’t have to tell them it’s Napster–you can just pretend you’re a n00b and whine that it doesn’t work.

LOL, ok. Thanks guys.