MyResponse from Sandisk on Firmware Problem

After contacting Sandisk about the problem with the new firmaware release, I was assured I would be emailed a fix within 24 hours. After not getting a response for a couple of days, this is the email I received.

I apologize for any inconveniences this issue may be causing you. But I wasn’t updated on firmware issue, apparently we not sending previous firmware anymore. The new firmware was made to be comparable with Windows “Play for sure” and from now on is going to be only MTP mode so with this said please describe in details what problems you having so we can better assist you to resolve this. Is it any arrow messages? What OS you using? What WMP version you have?

Thank you for contacting SanDisk Technical Support.

Pavel M.
SanDisk Technical Support

Guess we are on our own. Many thanks to the person who provided info on restoring an archived copy of the old firmware. It works - Thanks  Alice

they changed that, apperantly there was some confusion.

Although there is no reason the player should not work as before. It took away the option to choose b/w msc and mtp, but that doesnt mean it shouldn’t work JUST like it did before.

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Sorry - if they have removed something, it cannot possibly be the same.

lol… I’ve tried to explain this 101 times, so I wont bother trying to do it again.

I will say that there is no functionality that a user would lose. The system requirements are still the same.

You can connect it just the same, transfer music through WMP or drap and drap, Id3 tag system is the same, They added a format function on the player itself, and a person wouldnt have to worry about modes when it comes to transferring a playlist.

The one point I can see with losing MSC as an option is the ability to connect to un supported operating systems. Since they aren’t officialy supported, and most people having winXP or Vista anyway, I can only assume SanDisk and Microsoft are pushing playsforsure as a standerd.  Nobody has been able to show me otherwise that they loose any other features.

What is not “quite possibly the same” about it? What could somebody do on a winXP or Vista machine that they can no longer do with that firmware?

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