my wheel doesn't turn- HELP!

about a week ago i notice my Connect’s wheel was kinda hard to turn, but after a few rotations, it started working fine. it worked fine until two days ago. now, it’s stuck and will only move up and down 1 position. anyone else had this problem?

I have the same problem, and it occurred fairly quickly.  Nothing out of the ordinary to cause it that I noticed, just careful handling, no lint in the pocket or such.  Just a few times when I bent at the waist, and  the player Paused.  That’s about it.

It happened so fast, that I thought I forgot where to press on the wheel.  This morning it went from difficult to rotate with my fingertip on the wheel, to impossible to rotate that way.  And the player was in my hand all the time,watching videos, so no added environmental contamination.

Mine is so bad now, that I cannot turn the wheel unless I grab two opposing sides of the wheel with the fingernails on my thumb and forefinger.  And it’s difficult to turn even then.  At the current rate of deterioration, I suspect I’ll only have a few more days of use of the Connect.

I may try spraying it with Contact Cleaner, if no one has any other ideas.

Same thing happened to me and ive had it for less than a month.  I feel ripped off b/c I know that I handled it with care.  I scratched up the face trying to get it to turn. It seems to loosen up in hot weather.

I have occasionally had this problem.  For me, it seems related to moisture.  When I take it with me mountain biking, I slip it into my biking shorts and sometimes see the problem when I return.  I take a cool hair dryer and blow it on the wheel for 30 seconds or so and, so far, it always seems to clear up.  Except for this circumstance, I don’t see the problem - I live in a dry climate.

Solution (after about a day of use of my Connect): sprayed contact cleaner on the face of the wheel and worked it in by turning the wheel.  Seems to now be turning fine.

I’m also having this problem.  Three months ago I bought a Fuze 4GB and within a month the wheel was stuck beyond any coaxing.  The store replaced the unit, but now, two months later I have the same problem. 

After two months use, I can attest that Contact Cleaner sprayed at the wheel completely solved my Connect’s wheel problem.