My suggestion, if anyone cares...

…which I highly doubt, but whatever, is if you are going to promote yourselves as a “community”, supposedly here to offer help to those who need it then out of respect (if nothing else) pleas for help should be answered.  If you don’t know the answer, then why not say so?!  I think it’s pretty rude to just ignore someone; especially one new to the board.  Thank you  to Apix who was the only one who felt my problem was worth more than just a “view”.  Honestly, I was able to track down some answers by searching them from previous threads, but that was extremely tedious.  I finally got tired of waiting for someone to respond, so I called SanDisk support today and they were terrific.  My Sansa problem is solved, thanks to them.  Also, the videos are quite helpful. I will continue to use both of those resources for future problems.  Anyway, these threads just seem to rehash the same issues over and over. 

After only 5 days as a member, I’m done.  Good luck to all of you.

I do apologize if you feel you were being ignored.

This is a community for users of Sansa products (or just people with questions in general) and is not an alternative to Technical Support. Should anyone feel that would like assistance with his or her product, then by all means, feel free to contact Technical Support at 866.SanDisk.

It is a little difficult to ensure that each and every single new post gets answered. We hope that as a community, the people can be there for each other, as well as assurance from SanDisk if need be.

It should be noted that the forum is moderated, and we do check out threads and posts on daily basis. If an official answer from SanDisk is what is being looked for, then please contact the Technical Support line for prompt response.

This Forum is not an alternative to getting a response from SanDisk. The forum was created to build a knowledgable community, assess the issues users are running into the most, and what they would like to see out of our products.

We appreciate everyone’s feedback, whether it positive or negative it helps shine some light on whats being done right and wrong.

Thanks to people Like Apix, Andre, Enigma, DrLucky, and a few others who go around power-posting and being a wealth of knowledge to the community. We hope to see more people and more interaction in the future.

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I’m appreciated, yay :slight_smile:

I actually feel the same. Forums maintained by a manufacturer can be great or they can proove the point that the manufacturer only wants to bounce you from one place that doesn’t help to another.

In my case. I am very upset that there is no mention of the 2GB limit on the Sansa Express after getting a 4GB card for it. I called tech support and their solution was “get two 2GB cards”, doesn’t really help.

Brian, from support said that he would look into when a firmware update will be made available to let the Sansa Express use the 4GB cards. He said to give him about 24 hours which hasn’t passed yet so I am still waiting but I honestly don’t forsee getting a response or getting one that is absolutely not helpful.

If Sandisk really did care, they would address things here that would actually significantly reduce support calls by users and make it easier for people to more conveniently get support or find answers.They would also listen to the numerous posts about people stating that not knowing about firmware updates and when they will be made available would be great, but yet they do not.

Honestly, this forum is OK, but not great. I like communities and the knowledge that they can share and foster, but not when a manufacturer uses them as a bad alternative to caring for their end users.

Just my .02 so probably doesn’t mean much at all.

I understand how it is confusing how a 4GB SDHC card, does not work on the sansa express…

But SDHC, is TOTALLY different, from SD.

They may look the same, and act the same… but are as different as you and me.

SDHC cards, work only on devices that say SDHC compliant.  If they dont say that, then they have no expecations of being SDHC compliant.

Use a car for example…

They are both filled up at gas stations… and the desiel pump looks EXTREMELY similar to the regular gas pump, but they are 2 different beasts!

@enigma wrote:
I’m appreciated, yay :slight_smile:

you sure are, you crazy powerposter.

Yay for appreciation! :slight_smile:


thanks for the appreciation guys!

wow i just earned a new rank

Well  this is a confirmed fact. I have a freind with a sansa e250 Using a app called rockbox He now has 8 gig storage capacity the stock 2 gb along with a 6gb micro “sdhc” card. Now allegedly Sansa claims this to be impossible via a simple firmware update due to hardware issues blah, blah, blah,. But I have personally seen it myself and am convinced this is bullox. And if the Sansa programmers cant figure it out maybe they should call those guys up and ask for some pointers.

You would really think that they would want to sell the more expensive sdhc card. Unless they are trying to unload a surplus of micro sd before saying “Oh I guess we can do this” OOPS :slight_smile: