My Sonsa no longer Will Upload Music

I’ve had my sonsa for about 1 month. In the first 2 weeks my sonsa wouldnt connect to the wifi in my house but everyday i could use the USB wire and Sync/upload whatever you want to call it and get songs from my computer onto my sonsa. Recently i was able to get onto the internet and my sonsa has been updating itself but now my Sonsa will no longer upload/sync songs into it. I dont think its my firmware because it was working in the past. I dont think its the wire because, on my computer it indicates that the sonsa is being read however both Windows Media Player and Yahoo! Music Jutebox dont read the sonsa. When i try and drag songs to the sonsa Icon my computer freezes up. I dont know what to do because im past the warrenty and i still have space in my sonsa. (i dont know if this has anything to do with it, but i use to have a Zen Micro Photo and i had the same issue. about a month or so into owning it the programs to upload it stop reading it. i hope its not something that my computer does.)

Please help!!


So what version firmware is on your Connect? The latest version was released last week. Firmware updates are downloaded via the WiFi. So you need to use the WiFi for 10-30 minutes to get the download. Try listening to Interent Radio for awhile. After you get the new firmware, make sure you completely power off (hold power button 10 seconds) and turn on again for the firmware to install.

The latest firmware is ZAP

its not my firmware. i checked that already. i connect it, it says gathering folders, songs etc. but on my computer it doesnt read that the sonsa is connected. so basically i cant upload any music.

i dont want this thread to die someone please give me a response with an answer.

I have found that when my Connect has been put to sleep several times instead of shut down, it sometimes isn’t seen by Windows.  If I do a shut down and restart it appears and communicates normally.

Try resetting your SANSA connect by holding the power button for about 15-20 seconds.  This will not erase anything on your device so don’t worry about that.  Once your unit is fully booted, try connecting to the PC again and see if you can then transfer songs.

Hope this helps.