My solution for fast forwarding and pausing

I have had a Sansa m240 (version 2.1.0A) for about 2 years now, but I just recently found this forum.
I wanted to pass along my experience with fast forwarding and pausing (staying in the place where I paused it). My m240 performed perfectly at first, but I noticed that over time it was more prone to skipping to the next track instead of performing either of these functions. I also noticed that it behaved itself if I used a brand new non-rechargeable battery, but not an older rechargeable.
So I got a rechargeable 1200mAh battery on the internet. (Most rechargeables are 850mAh or so.) Now it performs well. So I guess it needs a more intense power level.
I don’t know if this works on other models, or even on newer versions of m240. But it worked for me.