My screen shows up broken with no cracks for 8GB fuze

I recently bought a 8GB fuze 3 months ago and the screen appears to be cracked but you can’t feel any cracks on the screen. Does my warranty still cover it and also ho do I send it for repairs if my warranty still covers it.

Call 1-866-SANDISK and find out.

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You won’t feel screen cracks unless you disassemble the player. The front face of the player has a clear lens that covers the glass LCD which will have the crack(s). Caution: never push hard above the scroll wheel where the word “Sansa” is. The lower portion of the LCD connection area is below and is very thin. 90 percent of the cracked LCD screens I’ve seen originate from this thin area.

Also, if you do not have your music backed up on another source - do it NOW! The cracked LCD can short out easily and draw too much current causing the player to shut down. If it shorts out past the player’s current limit, the player will refuse to power on.

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