My screen is white

as soon as i turn my fuse on the screen turns white and won’t do anything else at all. it happened before but it fixed itself. now it’s been white for the whole night. its not an old fuse either. i got it last september. anyone have suggestions other that trying to restart it?

Have you tried a reset? Hold the spring-loaded sliding power switch in the uppermost position for 15 - 30 secs. Release, and see if it will start up normally.

i tried that and its still white. it plays and everything but the screen stays white

You might use the Seach box in the upper left and type in the keywords ‘White Screen Of Death’ or just ‘White Screen’ then.

Just don’t Google white screen of death because all you’ll get is links about Creative players

i searched and most of the solutions were to send it back. im guessing i have no choice. thanks for the help