My screen is white.

The Screen on my Fuze 8GB is only displaying solid white. The computer still detects it and allows me to transfer files. I tried manually reinstalling the firmware using the zip file, and that didn’t help.

Did you try resetting it?

Did you try resetting it?

Yes, several times. Resetting didn’t help.

Sometimes, longer resets (up to 30-40 secs.) are needed. Otherwise, try formatting it. If your screen still looks like a polar bear eating vanilla ice cream in a blizzard, I’d return it for another one, or contact SanDisk directly. They have a 1 year warranty.

How do you format it?

Puck_Goodfellow wrote:
How do you format it?

The Search function on this forum works amazingly well. It even finds this, a simple clear description of how to connect in MSC mode and format your player.

Once you’re connected in MSC mode, right-click on the player and select Format…

Okay, now that I’ve formatted it. Nope, didn’t help in the least. Looks like it is definitely broken.

Too bad. Well, it was worth a shot anyway. :wink:

I had this exact problem. I brought it back to radioshack and they just fixed it, no charge.

I have this same problem. I tried formatting several times, long reset, reset, firmware downgrade, firmware upgrade, disassembly, reseat connections etc. all to no avail. Plays music perfectly, case is pristine. My 17 year old son treated it with kid gloves, and remembered the button sequence from power on to play music. Apparently Sandisk has a production problem as this is so prevelant. It is about 6 months out of warranty.

Yesterday I called Sandisc Tech support. They’re replacing it no problem. Shipping it out today.