My screen is black and i dont know why?

my sansa fuze screen is black but stills plays music and everything. what is wrong with it? i tried updating and everything and nothing is it time to get a new one or what?

Have you tried resetting or formatting it?

I’ve just recently had the same problem occur. My screen is completely black and there is no light around my dial. I’ve tried resetting it and got no results. How do I go about updating or formatting my SansaFuze? And is it possible to this when I can’t see anything on the screen?

This is actually one of the common issue. Check the solution below from another thread.

Ieroach13: I just posted instructions on your original post.

Update: I can’t seem to see my instructions. I reposted them multiple times, but still can’t see them. If the rest of you can’t see them either, I apologize. I also apologize if they appear multiple times.

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