My SansaFuze doesn't work

I accidentally disconnected my player without doing so safely through Windows. This is the first and only time I disconnected it this way after using the player for half a year, without ever having such a problem.

My player continued to work perfectly for about an hour, but suddenly it was turned off.

I tried to turn it on and also tried to re-connect it to my PC but nothing happens. My USB cable seems to be fine so I can’t understand why the player was suddenly turned off. The computer doesn’t recognize my player as well.

Quite a mystery!!! Hope you can help me sort this out!!

Best regards, Rotem Singer. 

Try holding the power switch for 20-30 seconds, then turn it back on again.

I agree with tegguN and you can try to update the frimrware of the player as well. :wink: :wink: