My sansa has weird files on it ?

I plug it up at school on this lenovo laptop think pad and some of these files pop up on my sans g:/ drive

heres a pic wif some of the files i had delted off of it

Don’t plug anything into a strange computer.

What probably happened is that the Fuze is in MTP mode, which means Windows Media Player can automatically dump files onto the Fuze. The school computer seems to have had some Windows files (like Spools) in its music library. Go figure.

As long as you have copies of your music, I suggest you format (Settings/System Settings/Format) and start over. That will erase all user-added files.

If you want to have full control over the Fuze, go to Settings/System Settings/USB Mode and change to MSC. That makes the Fuze work like any other flash drive–you will only have files on it that you drag and drop yourself. . But if you prefer to sync it via Windows Media Player, leave it in MTP (or Auto Detect, which goes to MTP if the Fuze sees Windows Media Player on a computer, MSC if it doesn’t.)