My sansa fuze wont go to main menu

ok so i turn on my sansa and it turns on normally without any problems but then after about 5 seconds after i tun it on a red screen pops up and says “Not enough space for Music DB. Please free 90 MB”  And then right after it says that it turns off.  Last time i checked i didnt put on any music that was over the amount that it could take so i dont know what to do? thanx for the help.

Have you seen this FAQ?

Don’t worry about the 6MB vs. 90MB thing. That’s just the difference between the e200 series and Fuze message. The cause and fix are the same. :smiley:

Yes, time to do the Vulcan Mind Meld with chkdsk , or via Disk Management, “check this volume for errors”.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue: