my sansa disk says its on hold but its not

when i turn on my sansa disk or take it out of the plug, it says that its on lock/hold but the button for it isnt down. does anyone know what to do? please help.

I will assume you mean Sansa Clip. If you have a differnent model, please say so.

You probably know the Power/Hold button is on the left hand side. When you put it on Hold, you should see orange next to the switch. I think you are saying your switch is not in Hold so you do not see any orange. 

So when you push any control on the front of the player do you see a lock icon?

If the player is not in Hold and you see the lock indication, the switch is malfunctioning.

Return the player to the place of purchse or contact SanDisk Technical Support. 

ohhh, okay then. thank you for the help. i really appriciate it! Thanks agian! :slight_smile: