My Sansa Connect doesn't hold a charge? And my Windows 7 desktop doesn't recognize it.

Is there a way to either replace the Sansa Connect battery? Or is it something else? also, I don’t see any updates for the Sansa Connect. Aren’t they made any longer? Is it a thing to whereas you “CAN’T” update this specific player any longer? someone please help me. My Windows 7 desktop does’nt even recognize the player and it won’t allow me to install my disc to install the driver for the Sansa Connect. :frowning:

The Sansa Connect has been discontinued for over 3 years. Additionally, the service it connected to (Yahoo Launchast) for live streaming is no longer partnered with SanDisk.

There is no user manual or firmware update posted anywhere here on the forum or on SanDisk’s support page on their website. It is essentially, the orphan child that has been forgotten.