My Sansa Connect 4giig did not come with a cd to install drivers or software on my computer.

I just bought a Sansa Connect 4gig and opened the box, but I did not find a cd in the box to install the software on my computer.  I searched the sandisk website for the drivers and software, but all I found was a firmware upgrade and a recovery tool.  Where can I find them. 

Its a MTP Device so Windows XP should recongize it as soon as you plug it in

The CD provided with the Sansa Connect contains only the users guide and Yahoo Music Jukebox.  Nothing on the CD is required to actually use the player (no drivers, etc.).

The computer should automatically recognize it, but mine didn’t come with anything either but a few slips of paper regarding the warranty and a quick start quide that really only tells you how to charge it and and what the buttons do.

Below are the links to the resources and applications useful to Sansa Connect owners.

The User Manual, FAQs and utilities are posted at