My Sansa Clip + 's power button is not working?

Whenever I try to open my Sansa Clip+, the power button feels weak and “flimsy” under my fingers. When I press on the power button, it sinks down without any force at all. It doesn’t take much of an effort to press it down, in fact, you can’t press it down. It just “sinks” down. When I attempt to press it on, it doesn’t seem like there’s any power button to push. How do I fix my power button? It won’t even open!  My Clip+ was a gift, so I don’t have any receipt.

That’s a hardware issue (broken power button) and not repairable by you. Gift or not, it could still be under warranty. You should call SanDisk Tech Support 1-866-SANDISK (726-3475) Mon - Fri. in US or look here for contact numbers for other countries.

Good luck! :smiley: