My Sansa Clip Does Not Work

I use my Sansa Clip when I work out at the YMCA. I used it last night and it worked fine then. This morning when I went to the Y, it did not work at all. Once I got home, I plugged it into my computer. It still does not work. Why is it not working and can I get it fixed?

How about some Sansa magic?

Slide the power switch up to the ON position, and hold it there for 10-15 seconds.  If you have sensitive earbuds on, you can hear a soft “click” as the device resets.  This is the soft reset function.  Your Clip should restart normally after the reset.  Try powering up as usual.


Thanks so much microsansa :slight_smile: That worked!!! You made me happy and I thank you :slight_smile:

Thank you sooooo much.  It’s working.  Have an awesome day