My Sansa c240 Mp3 Player Lags

Let me tell you how it started-
I updated it after a long time just yesterday.And everything did fine after it confirmed the update was complete,I saved all my songs on my laptop-I thought it was time to format it.And I did.Then I started dragging them into it again in the music folder,it said that they have to convert it.I ignored it because there is NO way am going to minimize them back to WMA format all again-I had over 300 songs.

Well I suffered not being able to see 95% of my songs titles so I forgot I needed to change the USB mode to MSC mode!I took the songs off and repeated as above-I can see my songs.But get this-while I was in Auto Detect or MSC it was slow.Let me say the details.

1.It takes 30 seconds to boot up when it used to take at least 15.

2.Whenever I go to a song it freezes for about 5 seconds and plays-I try to break them in but no luck.Funny thing is that it switches to another song when the one before it is over with no problems at all.

3.When I change a setting like what to repeat,how long to have on the light.

Who can help me?

What firmware version do you have?  Does that startup slowness happen when you have songs on it?

I have the 1.041 version.I just downloaded yesterday when I used it.No-it never was slow like this!It’s one giga bye with 200 mb left and it was working great!

I know that adding songs will slowed the start up time.

Well it worked before with all those songs so it must have something else.

I found using a 2 gig memory card as my primary storage it was slow to load. So now I only use internal memory for tunes and the mem card as a seconday storage for long plane trips… Video only seems to work when loaded on internal memory and not external memory.