My Sansa+ 4GB has arrived, with faulty Earplugs, both Left?!

After waiting for a whole month for dissatrous to delivery my Sansa Clip+ it has arrived, FAULTY.

Sound only comes out of one of the earplugs and they both have ‘L’ printed on them.

What is going on? anyone has had the same problem?

The unit works fine with other earphones but I am rather annoyed, first I have to wait twice what I expected to and then I get something that doesn’t work.

On top of that, Pixmania have just copied and pasted a generic returns form, without even acknowledging what my issue is. Now I have to return the whole thing and wait who knows how long for another unit, which may or may not work.

I am so not happy :frowning:

It might be less of a hassle to just dump the earplugs. That’s easy for me to say, I can’t keep those things in my ear, working or not. I had better luck with the in-ear type, but have just invested in Sony with a closed loop the hooks over the ear lobe and that’s the best I’ve tried so far.

It could just be the headphone plug is not inserted far enough into the jack. Try giving it an extra little twist & shove. This is a common issue with brand-new units; the jack is sometimes extremely tight. :wink:

Thank you everyone for your replies. Sent the pictures of the faulty earphones, both printed ‘L’ (I still cannot understand what kind of assembly line mistake this came from?!)

They have very kindly agreed to send me another pair of earphones because they came like this in the sealed box, from the factory and it’s not a shop issue.

5 stars to SansaDisk :slight_smile:

Fingers crossed that I don’t get any more issues with this player, this afternoon it has been freezing and turning itself off :frowning: I cannot believe my luck!! I actually owned a classic Sansaclip and it was the best player I ever had, I got it stolen at the gym!