My SanDisk Sansa clip remains on writng

The sansa clip was accidentally disconnected while in writing mode. When reconnected, my computer could not recognize the sansa again and the screen indicating writing. This wrting could not be completed. I tried to reset by holding the power slide for up to one minute but clip is writing. Are there sansa clip guru in our community with solution. I remain at my computer desk till I get your workable solutions. Thank you.

Unplug the clip.

Hold the power key up for 20 seconds till it shuts off.

Power it up again

Might want to run Chkdsk at least of else reformat the device.

How can I reformat it when my computer can not recognize clip. Thanks.

If you can get to the Settings menu>  FOrmat> Yes.

Still can’t get the setting since clip icon not showing up.

Disconnect the clip from the computer.

Turn it on.

Can you navigate the clip to the Settings Menu?

There select the Format option (from the Clip itself,  no computer needed).

I can not navigate the menu on the clip, can’t be be opened at all but comes on when connected to the computer indicating connected, then changes to writing and finally freeze on writing.