My Rhapsody downloads are messed up!!!!

I have directly downloaded rhapsody songs on my MP3 player from the Rhapsody channels. Now I can’t delete the songs I have downloaded. Please help!!! I am in dire need for assistance.

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What player do you have, and from where are you trying to delete (ie from the computer or from the player)

Sounds to me like your MP3 player really likes those songs.

When you turn on your Sansa, does it say SanDisk, plus a blue sansa below that?  If so, as a song is playing, tap the lower (submenu) button and select “delete”.

If it’s a v1 player (no sansa on the screen), you can delete any songs you no longer want from within Rhapsody.

Just plug in, and click on the device.  After the songs are read by Rhapsody, you can right click on any song, or highlight large groups, and delete them.

If you plug in, and go to My Computer, double click on the Sansa, go to the Music folder, and delete anything you no longer want on the device.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

I had a similiar problem, except I lost my downloads from my comptuer.  I was able to re-download them from Rhapsody My Account section.  Once back on my pc, I was able to transfer to my View again without anyproblems.

Don’t know if that helped or not?