my raccoon smells like cheese

dont ask… it is an inside joke between myself and my friends…

If it’s between you and your friends, then why post it to a public message forum?  :neutral_face:

good question. now i’m wondering why you own a raccon.

I’m thinking ‘raccoon’ is a metaphor. While it may be furry, possibly wild, and only comes out at night, it may not be a 4-legged animal at all.

And if it seems like cheese, I know I don’t want anything to do with it!

But in observance of the Forum Rules & Guidelines regarding appropriate language, that’s all the further down this road I’m going to go!


grow up

my lawnmower is infested by crepuscular weasels who are day-traders…but who cares?

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My cheese smells like raccoons.

Don’t ask, it’s a private joke.

u must have a huge lawnmower lol

woah, does your “racoon” kill mice for their cheese? or have you gone to a perfume shop and bought a perfume that when mixed with the racoon smells like cheese. BTW: NO ONE CARES THAT UR RACOON SMELLS LIKE CHEESE. And they say i spam…pffffff. (sorry 4 the rudeness)

Who really knows?  There are several blogs listed with this name.  Must be some kind of inside joke.  Beyond the masked face, raccoons are nasty creatures, quite messy scavengers.

Read here under damage to see what I’m referring to.  Years ago, I had to deal with a half-dozen killed ducks, killed for the fun of it (nothing eaten).  Raccoons are bold little buggers.

Bob  :angry:

I always thought that raccoons that behaved so aggressively were rabid.  I once had one that would nightly raid my garbage cans and even using a hot (as in peppery) spray didn’t keep him away for long.  He ate food drenched in it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I once met up with him during the day and he hissed and was ready to attack.  Everyone I spoke to, agreed that he’s most likely rabid.

Hehe, raccoons and possums are very similar beasties.  The raccoon has more of a propensity to interact with humans, making for all kinds of mischief.

Bob  :dizzy_face:

IIRC “raccoons” became extinct sometime in the '90s. They dominated the landscape during the '70s.

(Walking a very fine line here!)